Our history

Meaning "Point Of Care RApide Mediterranean" and created in 2014 by specialists in the field of health, the company POCRAMÉ has ​​for vocation the diagnosis in isolated environment and the prevention of the infections, as well as the protection of the nursing staff.

The beginnings (2014-2018) - The MEPHILAB

Supported in the early years by BPI France and the Impulse Incubator, POCRAMÉ installed on 45 ships its MEPHILAB® , a mini analysis laboratory designed, developed and produced in Provence thanks to its operational partners (conception / design: Idéact in Aubagne and production: ACA Plastiques à Signes).

A second product was launched in 2017: the MEPHIBOX®, the PPE (personal protective equipment) organizer which equips the corridors of French hospitals and clinics seeking to strengthen their fight against nosocomial infections.

Furthermore, on the strength of feedback from healthcare personnel in the field, Pocrame has been able to adapt the  MEPHIBOX® to fully meet their expectations.

Development and innovations (2019-2021)

2019- Development

In order to ensure the pace of the developments of MEPHILAB®, a pioneer in Point of Care in isolated settings, opened its capital to REGION SUD INVESTISSEMENT (RSI) represented by Turenne Capital and to three regional business angels.

2020-2021 Adapting to the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis fully validated the concept of rapid diagnosis but also revealed the health difficulties to ensure the safety of medical personnel during the sampling and the need to relocate the sampling sites as close as possible to the suspected clusters and avoid concentration. of patients on few sites

To urgently respond to this problem, POCRAMÉ has ​​created the MEPHICAB®, an insulating sampling booth ensuring the protection of caregivers and the environment:

  • No contact between the caregiver and the patient
  • Air filtration
  • 4m2 on the ground

Associated with MEPHILAB®, this new diagnostic concept called MEPHIPOINT® is today the ONLY concept that combines both a highly secure mobile system for collection, sample transfer and a diagnostic laboratory.

It allows rapid tests and protects the sampler and the environment from potentially contagious risks.