ADENA The solution against PCR contamination

DNA/RNA contamination in molecular biology:

PCR contamination is a recurrent problem in laboratories with very significant medical and economic consequences. The literature reports an average of 2% of false positives due to PCR contamination [1]; a percentage that can rise to 25% using unitary tests based on multiplexed nested PCR [2]. The financial losses due to contamination are estimated at €18,000/year for a laboratory performing 300 PCR tests per day with a 2% contamination rate.


ADENA is the only anti-contamination cabinet dedicated to molecular biology on the market. It offers a free DNA/RNA work area and a safe workflow based on the forward motion principle:

- The work area is closed and completely sealed (no air movement), equipped with 4 UV-C lamps for decontamination

- Handling is done through gloves (sleeve plus glove adjustable in size)

The work area communicates with 4 airlocks:  

1.       A decontamination airlock with UV-C for instruments: pipettes, tip boxes, reagents and consumables.

2.       Decontamination through a bleach airlock for sample tubes.

3.     An airlock equipped with UV-C for biohazard waste

4.       An exit airlock, for taking out the preparations and samples

The opening of the airlocks is linked to a unique signalling system on the market with a four-level colour code

  • Green signal: all the airlocks are closed, the workstation is ready for use  

  • Orange signal: opening of a single airlock door

  • Red signal: simultaneous opening of two airlock doors, communication of the work area with the outside, decontamination is required 

  • Blue signal: airlock and/or work area being decontaminated by UV-C

Dimensions and weight:

The ADENA structure is compact and not obstructive (W 80, H 60, D60 cm) and weighs 30 kg. Only an electrical outlet is required for its "Plug and Play" operation.

Sample security

Samples and reagents are fully protected thanks to the DNA/RNA free working area and 3 decontamination locks

Operator safety

The safety of the operator is ensured thanks to the tightness of the structure. No direct contact between the sample and the operator. The DASRI bin is decontaminated before evacuation.

Ergonomics :

ADENA has been designed to ensure a natural and non restrictive posture for the operator (straight back, rested elbows) thanks to a double inclination (unique on the market). Work tools and equipment are within easy reach within a 45 cm radius to ensure optimal posture in accordance with occupational health recommendations.

 Demonstration video: ADENA Lights - YouTube

Discover how ADENA works: video here

For laboratories specialized in genomic sequencing


ADENA can also be positioned throughout the genomic sequencing process


During the extraction of nucleic acids: in substitution of a PSM type 2. It has the advantage of protecting both the operator from infectious risks and the sample from cross-contamination.


During the preparation of libraries for sequencing: in substitution of PCR hoods


- In pre-amplification during the genomic DNA tagging step; the reagents used during this step are particularly sensitive to contamination from the environment and the operator.


- In post amplification during the purification, normalization and library pooling steps. These steps are sources of contamination because they involve handling amplification products containing millions of sequences.


- The PCR hoods currently used have a unidirectional air flow directed towards the operator and the environment, which favors the dissemination of aerosols loaded with nucleic acids

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